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neon sign on the horizon

rubbing elbows with the moon

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15 July
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Music is the only thing that's ever really made sense to me, and the only thing I've never really gotten tired of. I like pickles and chicken. And getting away from reality.

I love my favorite band. Everyone needs one.
90's rock, adventures, alanis morisette, almost famous, angelina jolie, anything passionate, ashton kutcher's facial features, babies, babysitting, basslines, black and white photography, black eyeliner, blazers, blue collar comedy tour, blue jeans, bottle caps, boys with guitars, bright eyes, bumper stickers, chicken, children, classic rock, cleveland, clueless, co-ed sleepovers, collages, colorful things, comedy central, concerts, cookouts, counting crows, cuddling, dance dance revolution, dancing, dawson's creek, dazed and confused, death cab for cutie, degrassi, dressing up, driving in general, eating, emo, fabric scraps, fashion, feeling confident, fishnets, fleetwood mac, food, forrest gump, free shows, fun, girl culture, going out to eat, good cover songs, grateful dead, hairspray, ham's potato chips, hanson, hanson concerts, hanson covers, hanson fans, harmonicas, hip-hop culture, hugs, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, inside jokes, isaac hanson, james brown, jellie shoes, johnny depp, joni mitchell, junk food, kazaa, kissing, laughing, lauryn hill, learning, lips, lust, making mistakes, making out, making people smile, mashed potatoes, messenger bags, mikes hard lemonade, modest mouse, movies, mtv, music, music history, musicals, my car, my co-workers, my guitar, painting, pavement, peace, photography, piano, pickles, pink and green, pink moonlight, plastic jewelry, playing pool, plays, polaroids, polka dots, pop art, pop culture, prince, rainbows, reading music, red hot chili peppers, rollercoasters, say anything, shaggy hair, shopping, shows, sing-a-longs, singing, sleeping, sleeping in, small parties, something corporate, southern accents, spontaneity, stand up comedy, stevie nicks, stickers, summer, sunglasses, surrealism, sweet tea, synthesizers, taylor hanson, the allman brothers band, the beach, the cure, the postal service, the south, toys, travelling, umbrellas, videocameras, woodstock documentaries, zac hanson